It started with a scarf

our story began in 2009, when founder alyssa wasko created her own comfortable, comforting scarves to cope with the death of her father donald.

her friends began asking for them, and before long orders arrived from around the country through word of mouth alone.

alyssa's personal creative outlet grew into donni., named in memory of her dad. drawing on the same characteristics of comfort and ease, neck warmers expanded into tube tops and sarongs became pants, and the brand grew into a full clothing and accessory line.

rooted in comfort.

as donni has grown, comfort is still our core reason for being.

not only do we want to create elevated essentials with super special details (in the softest fabrics you’ll ever wear), but we also want them to make you feel entirely comfortable in your own skin.

our goal is to create pieces that, whether lounging at home, running errands, spending time with people you care about, or exploring your city, make you feel confidently comfortable.


our founder's vision

donni was founded by alyssa wasko, who still designs all donni pieces.

a former career in the high fashion world, working as a visual merchandiser at chanel for six years, informs alyssa's attention to detail and unrelenting standards of quality when it comes to each donni garment. these high standards combined with donni's emphasis on comfort and unique details makes each piece something you truly can't find anywhere else.

however, her ultimate intention in continuing to grow donni is to create a brand that feels like your friend.

“i want you to come to our website and visit our instagram feed, and i want you to feel welcome. i want you to feel like our dm responses are me personally responding to you. our brand is personal — period.”

committed to doing good

we are committed to contributing meaningfully to our local los angeles, and broader community, and giving back whenever possible.

we are intentional about keeping all of our business operations local, keeping our fabrics locally milled or sourced, and keeping each piece locally constructed, & that we continue to ship all of our orders out of our l.a. warehouse. over 3/4 of our vendors — factories, cutting houses, dye houses, knitting mills, marker/graders, pattern makers, sample makers — are either women-run or women-owned. 

each season, we partner with a different nonprofit to donate a portion of sales. we also make sure to only partner with fair wage companies and actively seek partnerships with women-owned businesses. we genuinely want to make sure that donni leaves this community better than we found it.


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