Do Good

This Fall season, DONNI will be partnering with the Downtown Women's Center

The DWC is built on a friendship that grew between a homeless woman named Rosa (left) and an outreach worker named Jill Halverson (right). 

DONNI has chosen to work with The Downtown Women’s Center because empowering women through business is at the core of both organizations. Founded by Alyssa Wasko while she was still in college, DONNI was able to grow because of of young female ambassadors on campuses across the country. DONNI will continue this legacy of female entrepreneurship by partnering with The DWC through volunteering, design collaboration, and finally, by donating a portion of Fall sales at the end of the season. 

There are an estimated 13,300 homeless women in LA County, and The DWC provides services to support and enable these women to discover their unique skills, and ultimately capitalize on their own creativity! Through a special initiative called “Made by DWC,” women are able to design and produce their own products––from candles to clothing––and sell them at DWC’s own retail store. This charity is special because it not only treats the symptoms of homelessness by providing housing and healthcare, but it also seeks to remedy the root of poverty by educating women to support themselves financially. 95% of the women they serve remain housed permanently!

Look good, do good, feel good.


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